Home Studio
06 Jul 15

Russel Wright’s Manitoga

Continuing and fueling my knowledge base, exploration and obsession with mid century modern design, I bought the book Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Mid Century Designers by Leslie Williamson. The [&hellip

Noguchi Sculpture
15 Feb 15

Noguchi Museum

I had recently purchased some ceramic pieces from and artist and also had visited Philip Johnson’s Glass House. That had put me in a mood for some sculpture and stone [&hellip

sample cards
01 Jan 13

Playing Cards

Happy New Year everyone! Recently I was home in LA for the holidays. Each time I go back, I make an attempt to clean up my room, whether it’s just [&hellip

Delirious New York
04 Oct 12

Delirious New York

I like books. I like collecting, reading, underlining, analyzing, going on adventures, looking at photos.. really enjoy looking at photos + diagrams.. But anyways I recently picked up an old [&hellip

Parisian Rooftops
16 Sep 12

Blogs : Other

So I actually use to blog a lot, it mainly was a tool to distract myself, or to “subtly” brag to the world all the cool things I was up [&hellip

Central Park (2)
24 Apr 12

Collage City

We may all have a mundane daily routine when it comes to living in New York, but each step we take, each corner we turn, every street we cross, is [&hellip

05 Mar 11

Drink and Draw!

Every Wednesday night @ the 3rd Ward in East Williamsburg

05 Jan 11

What do you do when you’re unemployed? .. you have a little adventure

Ironically when you’re unemployed, inserting yourself in some creative energy takes a lot less energy than finding a job and working up the ladder, simply because you’re a volunteer

gimme coffee
11 Aug 10

Best Coffee on Planet NYC

NYC’s a city of many things: Skyscrapers, theatres, museums, and galleries. Shoes, clothes, designer and specialty shops. Delis, bars, restaurants, oh and COFFEE SHOPS. Since my current living situation doesn’t allow for me to stroll around the city everyday, each weekly visit to the city should now be somewhat of an adventure rather then a banal countless visits to the same comfort stores. My journey begins with an affordable type of venue and also with taking the critiques of loyal Yelp users. Come and join me in the exploration and experience of the Best Coffee around town