Delirious New York

Posted on Thursday, October 4th, 2012 at 03 07

I like books. I like collecting, reading, underlining, analyzing, going on adventures, looking at photos.. really enjoy looking at photos + diagrams..

But anyways I recently picked up an old book from my Pratt architectural theory/urbanism days called “Delirious New York”. Flashback.

I was first introduced to Koolhaas’s discourse at 18 yrs old, freshly dropped into New York City and just realized Manhattan is an island upon hopping on my first subway ride from Brooklyn. True story, one of my life’s bravest moments.

Now that I’ve long exceeded the average 5 year-stay of a typical New Yorker, (7 roller-coastin’-years), and have gone through the exercise of producing rigorous studies and analytical research transformed into interpretations and thesises, my eye and mind is trained in such a way like most architects, to observe the details of an urban environment. My mind is constantly observing, as there’s no same building twice, no identical intersection, and the cultures differ every block.

“Ghostwriter” –  Koolhaas calls himself Manhattan’s ghostwriter, who records events. I enjoy my strolls transitioning from neighborhood to neighorhood, at the same time i’m observing  the product change caused by these bigger events of the development and evolution of the city. Objective of the Manhattan grid is to create unanimous blocks, but it does not mean equal opportunity. What follows the series of melting pots and building types are neighborhoods, typically distinguishing social classes of residences or occupancy of commerce and skyscrapers.


Anyways that’s all I’ll share for now. This is a test run to be blogged in parallel to what I read in Delirious New York, as i’m reading from the early beginnings of a great city to the present one I live in.

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