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Posted on Sunday, September 16th, 2012 at 00 00

So I actually use to blog a lot, it mainly was a tool to distract myself, or to “subtly” brag to the world all the cool things I was up to, of course we all define cool differently =)
I am also creating a blog post out of this because.. i’m trying to get back into it.

This blog, I titled “All the Junk i Fancy” simply because it was a way for me to keep tract of all the new innovations and interesting ideas from all the creatives out there. It was a result of doing thesis research, and unintentionally, or not, I would come across blogs and ideas that tickled my fancy.

Iris in Rome: Self Explanatory. I spent a semester in Italy, with 40 of my Pratt Arch classmates/best friends. Here is just a glimpse of our Italian adventures.


Iris In France: Also Self Explanatory. I spent 5 weeks in France, participating in an Architecture + Music summer program. Showcased most French adventures, since I had a good amount of time to blog.



Oh What?! I found my Xanga from high school! Too bad I deleted everything when I went to college. I must of been embarrassed of my awkward high-school-art-kid phase.

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