Best Coffee on Planet NYC

Posted on Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 at 22 31

I am on a serious coffee hunt. Seriously.

Aug. 11th, Wed. 10 am: Gimme! Coffee
UH.. I can’t even find the words to describe. Even if it’s just a hole in the wall place, people seem to go out of their way to get some coffee here. They seriously and meticulously (more than chemistry) got it down to the perfect formula and procedure. The guy at the register said he’s trained for 4 months but has yet to complete the skills of a master-Gimme!Coffee-maker. In a mediocre coffee shop, the first sip of a cafe latte is normally the best sip because of the soft steamed milk at a drinkable temperature floating at the top, since the rest of the drink was carelessly steamed for so long it burns off your tastes buds for coffee. However for Gimme! the rest of the sips are just as beautifully crafted continuing the first. Consistency and temperature is key.

Aug. 11th, Wed. 3 pm: Think Coffee
Unfortunately I had Gimme! a few hours before, so the first taste of Think Coffee wasn’t as epic as Gimme’s, but it’s a close one. My cappuccino was made with perfect standards, a lovely foam design, and the atmosphere was chillax with photographs on the wall featuring artists from impoverished countries. Seating requires a few seconds of eyes-wandering, as everyone super-glued themselves to their spot with their laptops. Oh NYU students.

Aug. 21st, Saturday. 2 pm: Abraco
Since the humid breeze was rolling in, I instantly needed something cold and refreshing. I ordered an ice coffee but my Lover ordered the cappuccino. We took the first sip together… Speech-LESS. The taste was somehow ridiculously rich yet calming and earthy. Oh don’t forget their Olive Oil Cake-  fluffy like a muffin but not crumbly like other coffee cakes, it actually holds itself together quite nicely like a SaraLee pound cake.

Aug. 21st, Saturday. 3:30 pm: Gimme! Coffee

Yes I went again. With the help of a couple of friends and my Lover, I got 7 out of 9 exclamation-mark stamps collected on my Gimme! card. Almost there to a free drink! That’s such a beautiful pattern on my cafe latte, reminds me of my favorite leaves- olive tree leaves.

October 15th, Sunday 12 pm: Iris Cafe

Obviously I had to try a cafe with my name on it. Lovely day out. Also Iris Cafe is located in one of  Brooklyn’s most beautiful neighborhoods- Brooklyn Heights by the waterfront. I love the interior of this place: Brooklyn Shabby and Sheek with Brooklyn locals and baby strollers. Latte was just as yummy as Gimme!’s though not as smooth, but it did came in a big-ol cup.

Nov. 7th, Sunday 3 pm d’Espresso

I came to this place because I thought the interior was cool, as seen from many blogs, but I guess I didn’t read the fine line that its wall paper and not actually shelves of books. I was really excited to step on shelves on the floor. guess not. The Latte was on the good side, nice ‘n frothy.

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