When in Rome

Posted on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 at 22 21

Studio Project whilst studying abroad in Rome

Objective: The Landscape and Urban Lesson of Rome

Knowing the complexity of the Rome requires an understanding of the physical layers of time and transformation of spaces within the urban landscape.
Using the Vittorio Emmanuel Monument as a precedent study, the visitor’s navigation of the path views are controlled, alternating between a view of the monument and the view of the city. The spectator comprehends the connection between monument and city as they elevate higher towards the monument to then perceive a grander, more panoramic scope to scape of the city.
The project’s site is inserted in between three significant sites: The Vittorio Emmanuel Monument, The Campidoglio, and Roman Forum. Each significant site has their own agenda for circulation and viewpoints. It can be accessed from above, through the elevated Campidoglio and Vittorio, and from an ascension from the street level.

Program: Gallery of Historical Maps with a Restaurant and Bookstore, a Chamber Concert Hall with considered Reception area, a Think Tank with Visiting Scholar Housing.

My project took three different approaches for circulation to accommodate for the three main surrounding sites and three main inserted programs:
The circulation rotating within the Campidoglio museums is extended into a courtyard space that is also the landing point of the Vittorio’s exit route. This would let the spectators discover another viewpoint of the city and the entrance to another gallery/museum. The intention is to draw the spectators to the viewing platform, then into the Gallery of Historical Maps and circulate through it in a spiral-staircase manner. During this circulation are alternating view points of the city and of the interior of the gallery. The gallery consists of two floors. During the descending of the first staircase, slits of fenestration appear on either side, alternation between of a view of another museum outside of the exit and the second floor of the gallery space awaiting to be experienced. Once descended from the first to the second, another view platform is available for spectators that appears to be both seating and stairs that encourages a moment of sitting to enjoy a framed view of Rome. After the visit of the gallery finishes, the next level down is the restaurant as an option as the stairway does not bleed into it. The stairs then continue down to the final floor of the bookstore. The exiting the bookstore visitors will find themselves facing the final museum that sits under the Vittorio, the same one that can be viewed from the fenestration slits from the first staircase set.

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