Generative Components Study

Posted on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 at 15 17

My testing out of parametric design- not exactly the ideal 4th semester studio, but Jonas Coersmeier sold it as something mysterious and different in studio selections.

Site: The Bowery, Manhattan

Program: Library (it became a secondary focus, due to the intense handling of the form)

Concept: Study of physical conditions specific to the site that includes advertisements, water towers, and bike parking and mapping them with points. I stuck with advertisements and used it as a strategy of viewpoints and way finding in hopes of developing it to a circulation system for the library center.

Tools: Rhino, Generative Components, Laser cutter

Process: Loft the points on Rhino and convert the surface to a triangulated mesh. Generate a 3-d- triangle component in GC by defining the relationship between each line and point. Values and results are determined by the space inside 3 lines (of a triangle), and so the Component is inserted into the Rhino mesh, thus giving the surface a performative skin and structure. No. I didn’t get to the library part of it, but it was an interesting method and strategy for concept studies and form.

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